Mike from Slough talks ULEZ

It’s not easy for the man on the street to get his voice heard.

Mike from Slough took the opportunity to call UK Column to speak about his concerns regarding the effects of Greater London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ policy on the neighbouring community of Slough, Berkshire.

From its expensive and deliberately restricting impact on local car owners to Khan’s duplicity in ordering the ULEZ surveillance cameras and equipment before consulting local people, Mike is on the case. He highlights the power of Khan’s C40 charity and company (which unites global cities), and its ability to impose policy over the heads of Members of Parliament.

Mike doesn’t stop there; his to the point analysis digs into the C40 leadership charity and the people involved. Clearly, as an ordinary resident of Slough, Mike is not going to give Khan’s globalist ULEZ policies the easy ride that the C40 chairman expects.