Health Matters: A relaxed chat with Clive De Carle

In the UK and many other ‘developed’ countries in the Western world, we are not permitted to tread on the toes of the pharmaceutical companies who deliver their version of health to us through drugs. It is a system that rewards those companies with vast profits—and with little, if any, accountability when the patient suffers unwanted side-effects. These ‘regulated’ companies alone can claim to cure, and those claims are rigorously backed by stringent official bodies such as the MHRA (the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). In the UK, the NHS and the MHRA both say that if you have a medical condition or concern, you should consult your general practitioner. So there you are; we’ve said what we must, is the message. And good luck getting that GP appointment anytime soon. 

Against this regulatory background and draconian system, Clive De Carle joins me, Brian Gerrish, in a relaxed chat about health matters in general: what we are permitted to discuss and what can do to help improve our health and zest for life. 

An increasing number of people are aware that our world is not healthy. Around us, we see that a person may be fit in themselves, but still feel tired and lacking in ‘get up and go’. They may be ill, as many people are, and wondering whether they can do some simple things to improve their general health. They may have a problem controlling their weight. They may just not be sleeping well. We’ve all been there, haven’t we; so what can we do?

From the relaxed setting of his own home, Clive takes us on an educational and engaging journey through many of those simple things that can affect and improve our health. Good food, good water and essential minerals form the foundation of his approach. Many people are well fed, but starving. We eat and yet are unaware that our food lacks the very nutrients necessary to keep us alive and healthy. He asks wryly, “Why would anyone go to the supermarket for food?”—his point being that so many of the highly processed foods sold in supermarkets have no real food value, never mind the artificial additives. Alongside them, farm produce may well have come from sources of exhausted soils or intense cultivation. The vegetable looks good, but can it really nourish us?

Our water is heavily chlorinated and many people drink it, unaware of the possible adverse effects in our bodies. Most people are lacking essential minerals, and this deficiency can have major adverse effects on how we feel and how healthy we are are. Some deficiencies can lead to serious health problems. By leading us through some basic understanding of our bodies and the food, water and minerals that we need for good health, Clive helps us to see what we might do to improve our health and vitality, in simple and often inexpensive ways.

Clive De Carle has been committed to helping people in this way over many years, and many people feel that he has helped them improve their own health. I am one of those people. So join us and learn more.