From the ground up: Regeneration and nutrient density with Farmer Angus

A vociferous critic of the destructive industrialisation of agriculture, Angus McIntosh speaks about reversing the loss of soil quality and biodiversity, whilst improving human and animal health in the process. Citing the works of Vandana Shiva, Allan Savory and Weston A. Price, McIntosh describes the philosophy underpinning the Farmer Angus brand on his Spier Estate near Stellenbosch.

With no government intervention or assistance, Farmer Angus articulates the method for a system by which food of extremely high nutrient density is produced, in harmony with the natural world. He speaks of his personal journey from the corporate confines of stockbroking for Goldman Sachs to the wild expanses of the Western Cape. Inspired by the writings of Michael Pollan, among others, he sees the mainstream media, governments and academia as captured by globalist interests, with very poor outcomes for those consuming mass-produced and nutrient-deficient food.

The Spier Estate hosts regular farm visits, and Angus McIntosh's philosophy and practices are outlined at He is also on Instagram as @farmerangusspier.