Fit as a Butcher's Dog—Consultant Vet Roger Meacock

Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS has been at the forefront of quantum veterinary medicine in the UK for the last 25 years, and has been called ‘the last-chance vet’. Meacock goes the extra mile and will often see animals who are too sick to be treated with established medicine. In this interview, he reveals the remarkable therapies he uses. He can be contacted at his practice, Natural Healing Solutions. As he explains, it isn’t easy to move a sick horse hundreds of miles, so he will come to the horse. And it isn’t just animals he treats; it’s humans too.

After Meacock’s first interview, The Gentle Vet That Roars, where he voiced his concerns over mRNA technology in both humans and animals, UK Column received many requests to invite him back. Roger Meacock is one of the very few consultant veterinarians in Britain brave enough to speak out. Not only are humans living in uncertain times, animals are too. What does the future hold for all animals, great and small? For many of us, animals are our families: we adore them and want to do the very best for every one of them. Many who are vulnerable, or who live alone, rely on their pets for company and love. Without our beloved domestic animals of all shapes and sizes, life would be unbearable for many.

We consider in this interview:

  • whether microchips are safe for animals;
  • what effects ‘Covid-19’ has on animals, and whether animals are at risk from humans;
  • how important small-animal vaccines are, and what risk/benefit analysis for animals we can undertake ourselves.

With distribution and transportation delays set to worsen, many are stockpiling pet food in case of shortages. However, if and when pre-packaged pet food runs out, what then: roadkill? What is a ‘raw feeding diet’? Should we be relying on global corporations to be manufacturing ‘pet food’ at all? There may be more to the saying Give a dog a bone than you imagine. After all, has anyone witnessed a wild dog or wild cat running into a pet supermarket for dinner? But is it only dogs who benefit from a bone diet?

Finally, we address how our pets fit into a 15-minute city—or are they to be excluded? You will own nothing, we have been told: does that include our family pet? If there are to be no pets, what does the future hold for our local vets? Will there be any animals left for them to treat?

Roger Meacock has already kindly agreed to a third interview, this time dedicated to farm animals and livestock, to be entitled Big Pharma, Small Farmer. If viewers have any questions about any of the topics covered thus far or any new ones, please do let UK Column know, and we will be sure to include them next time.

Roger Meacock’s work can also be found at Pushing Boundaries.