Dr Ahmad Malik: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

Currently, there are over six and a half million patients on the NHS waiting list; a tenth of the population. As wintry conditions sweep across the United Kingdom, the NHS will be further overwhelmed with broken bones and fractures sustained through trips, slips and falls. This is the busiest season for an experienced orthopaedic consultant surgeon. 

Dr Ahmad Malik, one of those experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons, happily married with a young family, was extremely successful, well respected and liked by his colleagues and his patients—yet, in 2023, his sparkling career was cut down during its prime, for simply telling the truth and asking questions.

Believing as he does that staying healthy is the ‘ultimate expression of freedom’, he has been passionate in addressing this and educating patients through his successful podcasts. But what is ‘healthy’ in 2024? Do we need the NHS in order to remain healthy? Should we trust the NHS and is it keeping us ‘safe’?

As a Covid–19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organisation in 2019, Dr Malik started to ask questions. What were the red flags that alerted him that things were not as they might appear? Ahmad allows our audience a glimpse into his private life and the impact and consequences on wife and young family. How were doctors treated during the ‘pandemic’; what advice and help did they get regarding the vaccines? Ahmad gives us a fascinating insight into how medics fared then and how they are coping, or not, now.

The interview considers whether medical ethics exist any more, and what ‘informed consent’ is when it comes to injections. Did it ever exist in the first place? Dr Malik also gives his forthright views on the pharmaceutical industry and its relations with doctors.

Since speaking up and asking questions, Ahmad—who was working in private practice for two days a week—has lost his job, his vocation, his career, his patients and his income. With a young family to provide for and a mortgage to pay, what does the future hold for him and the other doctors who have bravely spoken out and challenged the ‘science’? He reveals why he can sleep soundly amid it all.

Ahmad Malik has now had to reinvent himself as a professional podcaster. His passion is infectious, and his quest for the truth continues as he interviews experts, public figures and well-known names from around the globe whose voices are being silenced by their governments and their professional bodies. 

Which experts can we trust? How can we ‘take back control’? Ahmad has a message for his colleagues: “Be brave, speak up; you can’t put a price on freedom”.

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Doc Malik previously interviewed Debi Evans in September 2023.