Did Pfizer know? A stark but honest warning from Dr Naomi Wolf

Dr Naomi Wolf is co-founder and CEO of the Daily Clout, where you can find hard-hitting, fearless, independent investigative journalism at its best. Their mission is to “empower all people with information, facts and opinion from all viewpoints”. A combination of accurate research, evidence, passion, compassion, kindness, determination, bravery and sacrifice, Dr Wolf is someone we should all aspire to be—the very best person we can. Dr Naomi Wolf can be found on Twitter and on her Substack blog, Outspoken.

A bestselling columnist and professor, Dr Wolf is a graduate of Yale and Oxford. Her books, such as The Beauty Myth, The End of America and Give Me Liberty, have been translated worldwide. A Rhodes scholar, Wolf was an advisor to the Clinton re-election campaign and to Vice President Al Gore. Having written for many internationally-read news outlets, including the Guardian and the Sunday Times, Naomi Wolf has been no stranger to conflict.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson in 2021, Naomi Wolf gave the sober warning that government Covid–19 restrictions were:

turning the USA into a totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes, I hope we wake up quickly, because history also shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.

In the UK, Naomi Wolf was interviewed by Mark Steyn of GB News, before he (like Tucker Carlson) was dismissed by his mainstream broadcasting employer. It was subsequently alleged that during the interview, Naomi Wolf had made serious claims about the Covid vaccine, claiming that its roll-out amounted to a pre-meditated crime—mass murder—and was comparable to the actions of doctors in pre-Nazi Germany. This resulted in 422 complaints to the British media censor, Ofcom, who found that GB News had failed to do enough to protect their viewers.

Naomi Wolf’s new book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID–19 and The War Against the Human, released in 2022, looks at how the world has changed since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ in 2020: how the world reacted, and the consequences of the draconian measures.

In January 2023, with help from Steve Bannon, the Daily Clout and a team of expert volunteers around her, Wolf has been analysing the hundreds of thousands of pages of Pfizer’s own documents that were intended to be hidden from public view for 75 years but that were released through successful legal action taken by US lawyer Aaron Siri.

War Room/Daily Clout has released a bestselling book, Pfizer Documents Analysis and Reports, which contains 50 reports written by the highly credentialled War Room project volunteers. The results thus far are startling and ignored by the mainstream media, with no formal challenge to the findings.

Like many, Dr Wolf subscribed to the official Covid–19 narrative at first. However it wasn’t long before she discovered multiple discrepancies between fact and the narrative that was being fed by our governments globally. Questioning the data on the usefulness of mask-wearing, Wolf describes her disbelief as she witnessed an abandonment of critical thinking by the mainstream media. Fear of the ‘virus’ appeared to be turning into a cult, a mass gathering of Covidians.

With so many topics up for debate, for this interview we concentrate on the serious adverse effects of Covid–19 vaccinations on the global population and the catastrophic effects it is having on fertility, women, children and babies.

In this honest, frank and outspoken interview, Naomi Wolf talks of her passion, determination and drive to make a difference in what she describes as the “greatest crime that has ever taken place in the history of humanity”. Some of the topics broached are:

  • What did Pfizer know before even rolling out their Covid–19 ‘vaccine’?
  • What are lipid nanoparticles and how do they affect the body? As birth rates plummet around the world and neonatal deaths soar, what is the future for humanity? Has the ability to naturally reproduce been taken away from our youngsters? Do we still have time to stop this evil agenda? 
  • Does ‘shedding’ exist? What did Pfizer know about their injection that would affect anyone who was exposed to it? Can it affect the unvaccinated?

Dr Wolf presents the facts from hard primary-source evidence which she has made available for everyone to see for themselves. What does the future hold; will the mainstream media ever acknowledge or report on the findings from the Pfizer documents? Pfizer/BioNTech is but one Covid ‘vaccine’. What of the others? How safe is humanity?

Debi Evans would like to thank UK Column producer Stephanie Sinclaire, and Amy Kelly, Program Director for the War Room/Daily Clout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, for arranging this vitally important interview with Dr Naomi Wolf.