Covid statistics: David Scott and Alex Thomson talk to John Cullen

Two years after their first discussion with John Cullen, David Scott and Alex Thomson took advantage of Alex's time in Scotland to organise this follow-up appearance with a man who has distinguished himself by the authoritative questions about data that he has persistently and calmly asked during the Covid era.

David Scott initiates the exchange with a look at recent Scottish mortality data before Alex Thomson takes the combined audience through a thread by Jamie Jenkins on England and Wales mortality; Australian and American analogies; Oxford Professor Carl Heneghan's alarm signal; and UK Column's user-friendly searchable database of Yellow Card reports of British Covid vaccine adverse reactions.

In the final segment, John Cullen presents data from several continents tending to support his two-year hypothesis that an H1N1 ("original" influenza) pandemic is well hidden in the "Covid" peaks.

Two further statistical graphs from summer 2022 that we ran out of time to discuss are embedded below.

All-cause excess deaths, spring-summer 2022, Germany
All cause Excess Deaths for children aged 0-14 across all Euromomo contributing countries