Andrew Noakes discusses his father David Noakes and the Gofundme appeal for him

Join David Noakes' son Andrew as he discusses his father David Noakes and David's predicament in prison in France for trying to help people with cancer by using GcMAF.

We cover David Noakes and his present situation in prison, prison conditions, the charges against him (including double jeopardy) and how David views them, how the family have been coping, how and why a fundraiser was set up for legal support, and what Andrew and his sister Jessica would like to say to those who have helped so far.

In this poignant interview with Brian Gerrish, Andrew shows his deep concern for his father, who continues to suffer in the brutal French prison of Fleury-Merogis for his crime of trying to help people with cancer. He was vilified by the UK's MHRA for his use of an unapproved medicine. The very same MHRA took no notice of the positive effects of David's treatments, and prosecuted David in the UK, through the French legal system and, it now appears, via the Swiss legal system.

Andrew and his sister Jessica have set up a fundraiser for their father David which has a goal of £50,000. Through the generosity of many people, the total presently stands at over £23,000. Please help us to reach that £50,000 target to fund the legal support that David so desperately needs.

David is not the only one to suffer persecution from the the UK and US pharmacovigilance cartel, which promotes sales and feeds off the vast profits of world pharmaceutical industry, whilst simultaneously claiming to act as the public safety 'regulator' keeping Big Pharma in check. If we ignore David's plight, we also ignore the plight of those other brave souls who have dared challenge the power of the global pharmaceutical market.

Please watch this short video and help us reach the £50,000 goal that will give David a fighting chance to be released from prison and to escape further double jeopardy court actions. Thank you.