An inquest denied—Matt Campbell demands 9/11 answers

Mike Robinson speaks to Matt Campbell, and to Ted Walter, Executive Director of the International Center for 9/11 Justice, about Matt’s and his family’s efforts to seek answers about the death of his brother, Geoff.

Geoff Campbell died on 11 September 2001. He was one of 67 British victims of the “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center. Over the years, Matt has been campaigning for justice for his brother, putting pressure on the authorities in the US and the UK.

in August 2021, he submitted a 2,500-page application to the then Attorney General for England and Wales, Suella Braverman, seeking her authority, under the Coroners Act 1988, to apply to the High Court for a fresh inquest. She declined.

The exercise of that authority has been refused even by Braverman’s successor, and so the aim is to bring the issue to judicial review.