A Psychotherapist Warns Of The Covid Lockdown Dangers to Children

In this very important interview, a highly experienced psychotherapist working with children and families, especially where the child has come from a disturbed family background and then been fostered or adopted, speaks out on the damaging mental health risks of Covid lockdown. She discusses and warns of the adverse effects of Covid fearmongering, masks and social distancing, and the wider impact on the mental health of both special-needs children, as well as those from loving, stable homes.

Her concern, as a trained professional often working alongside Local Authorities and the 'child protection' agencies, dovetails with reports that UK Column is receiving from parents, who are also concerned at the adverse effects of government lockdown policy for schools, on their children.

Please listen to this interview, and to the interview of a very well informed and concerned school mum speaking out. The message from two strangers, a professional and a mother, both unknown to each other, fits hand in glove.

That other interview is School Mum Speaks Out On COVID Lockdown Dangers to Schoolchildren.