5G Exposé — Introduction

Welcome by Miriam Miriam Eckenfels-Garcia, Children's Health Defence, Director of CHD's EMR & Wireless program

Miriam Eckenfels-Garcia leads a team of litigators and researchers focused on protecting children and the environment from the harms of wireless radio frequency (RF) radiation. Miriam is an international lawyer with a background in corporate accountability and international human rights law. Throughout her career, she has worked for various human rights organizations in Europe and the U.S., where she focused on mechanisms to hold corporate actors accountable for egregious violations of human rights.

After seven years of running pro bono research projects and international fellowships for the Public Interest Law Center at NYU School of Law, she joined CHD in 2021 to build and run its educational fellowship program and to fight against the unchecked expansion of wireless infrastructure –– pushed by big telecom and special interests — that harms our health, the environment, and our privacy autonomy.