UKC News - 17 Apr 20: Coronavirus, a second peak?

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
Dominic Raab: a change in social distancing will risk increase in spread of CV
Current measures to stay in place for the next three weeks…
Express: economic meltdown after CV is set to end more lives than the disease itself
Why are UK and USA figures going in a different direction to other countries…?
Justification for lockdown being driven by ‘experts’ - Stephen Fry asks questions
Public health ‘expert’ - meet Anthony Costello
Statistics: a look at lockdown countries versus non-lockdown countries
Lockdown is about ‘saving lives’ but non-lockdown death rates are much lower…
Economy: is the lockdown an excuse to conceal another agenda entirely…?
USA: Michigan Governor under fire from public over increase in lockdown rules
Conversely the state of Nebraska (among others) has no lockdown
Deaths per million is far lower in non-lockdown areas…
UK police update allowed activities during lockdown – none are covered by law
PoliceHour website struggles with basic grammar in their recommendations
UK exit strategy: leaving lockdown & rebooting the economy – a phased reopening
Teflon Tony’s Institute for Global Change provides their own exit strategies…
Why is the west taking China’s lead – will exit strategies end civil liberties forever…?
21 Wire article: COVID-19 by design – ushering in automation, AI & 4th industrial revolution
Canada’s Trudeau: remain vigilant…until such a time as a vaccine is found…
46:28 – NHS: track and trace App for CV patients being ushered in
A look at the NHS partners: Microsoft, Palantir, Amazon (AWS), Faculty, Google…
Medium: how the CoronaVirus is driving new surveillance programs around the world
50:14 – US President Trump holds press conference: journalists sit far apart
UK parliament still closed until 21 April then questions to be asked via videolink
Imperial College London launches COVID-19 model for data hounds
Modelling not a real science…why not compare control group against previous models…?
Why not compare lockdown countries to non-lockdown countries…?