UK Column News - Vetting, Oversight, Public Decorum & Prestige

UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Ellis, including: START ‘Child Abuse – the Machinery at the Heart of British Government’ 02:53 Forget Establishment Child Abuse : Focus Instead on Revenge Porn 04:37 Vaz Returns to Parliament shameless Despite the Rent-Boy Scandal 07:43 Questions of Privacy - Vetting, Oversight, Public Decorum & Prestige 11:24 Political Realities : Blackmail via Sexual Misconduct - & Abuse Rings 13:15 Little Boys - Profumo, & the profound revelations of Christine Keeler 18:23 Resurgence of Leveson as Peter Tatchell tries to Shift Blame to Press 19:52 Lords : the drive for Constitutional Reform attacks the Upper House 21:37 Massive figures of Defeat as the House of Lords checks Parliament… 23:28 Delegation of Lords visit Syria whilst ‘Honourable’ Members backstab 29:12 Vanessa Beeley writes for Veterans for Peace - & via 21st Century Wire 37:28 Migrants, Warships, Drone Boats, EU Military Union - actual Treason 42:41 Real Admirals who instructed Thatcher : ‘No, ships are not for sale.’ 45:29 Mercenaries & the Floating Brothel of Royal Fleet Auxiliary Lancelot