UK Column News - US Must Bleed For The Rules Based World Order (20th October 2016)

WINCHESTER TICKETS ( Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Mark Anderson, including: START The ‘Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ - & Fogh Rasmussen 02:58 Propaganda : a ‘Rules-based Liberal-democratic World Order’ 05:47 Behind the Mythic illusion of the Elité - a nest of insane vipers. 09:54 A Presidential Race of HATE Driven by Corporate Media lies 17:23 Matters Naval & the enhanced Russian presence in the Levant 24:15 State of the British Navy: Eviscerated… with Morale in freefall 27:24 Iranians, Yeminis, Houthis, Syrians & the Absurd Lies of Boris 35:47 WINCHESTER SPEAKERS – Vanessa Beeley & Guy Taylor 37:52 ‘One set of rules for the few…’ : esteemed access for Sir Cliff… 41:24 Vague Transformational hypnosis-propaganda of the POLICE