UK Column News - Rule of Law, 'Derogation' & Reanimated Corpse-Witches (4th October 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Ellis, including: START Ryabkov Highlights the profound Cognitive Gymnastics of Atlanticist Rhetoric 04:12 Paradoxes amidst the Tragic & Gradual Decline into Global Wartime 05:47 Suspension of International Plutonium Agreement & Domestic Prep. 12:58 Endless Tensions in the South China Sea : new US-Philippine Drills 17:42 Houthi & Saleh Alliance Makes Gains in Yemen Tobias Elwood 21:27 Afghanistan : ‘I cannot envisage a more scrutinised battlefield…’ 22:51 ‘Derogation will protect no one…’ Questions over ‘Liberty…’ 27:23 Smart Cities & the Massive Drive for Biometric Facial Recognition 29:59 The British Constitution Group, Winchester & the Sovereign Networks 32:42 ‘Right Honourable Elizabeth Truss MP…’ Rule of Law, & Common Law? 35:23 A despicable Chapter of our collective past - the Tortures of a ‘Cruel Britannia’ 42:12 In Broad Daylight... the Gaslighting of the Public with Reanimated corpse-Witches