UK Column News - Review of 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and David Ellis for a review of 2019 and brief look at what's coming in 2020.

This is the final UKC News of the year. We will be back on Monday 6 January. Thank you to everyone who as supported us in 2019. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

START – End of year special review of 2019 - a global uprising has begun:
Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, France, Haiti, Sudan, India, Egypt,
Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iraq, Catalonia, Italy, Netherlands and others…
Some movements have been co-opted by the establishment, some are grassroots
A general distrust of governments throughout the world – social media is helping
Lack of reporting in the MainStream Media is a sign that an uprising is grassroots
The (fake) left-right paradigm is falling apart as people see through the lie
Techniques used in Latin America are the same as those used in the west…
Is the same hidden hand behind all of these techniques via NGOs, charities etc…?
12:09 – Governing the UK: 1997 was an important turning point with the Blairites
In 2010 the wreckers moved in: the Tory–LibDem coalition & Common Purpose
In 2020 we will have utter polarisation – the era of fascism-lite dawns
The free media is now mature and having great effect with public understanding
The future in 2030: fragmentation…? Constitutional intervention…?
23:48 – EU Defence Union: what does the future hold…?
Boris and Dominic Cummings need to be continuously questioned on this subject
EU wants to unify control of European nuclear weapons next…
EU paramilitary police will control the people of European nations
The Brexit Pandora’s Box: EU Defence Union
EU defence procurement is a key to controlling European militaries
Britain’s new Queen Elizabeth–class aircraft carriers were built for the EU…
35:42 – Paedophilia: still no punishment for this at highest levels of establishment
Tory whip Tim Fortescue: how child abuse is used for blackmailing politicians
Prince Andrew’s TV interview: what is the real scale of this establishment abuse…?
Primary school children now being sexualised earlier and earlier – why now…?
Parents of multiple faiths (and none) come together to protest new school curriculum
41:41 – Censorship: 2014 – David Cameron calls for regulation of the internet
In 2017: Amber Rudd meets with tech companies to push regulation 
The term ‘fake news’ becomes commonly used
Censorship being cloaked as ‘countering terrorism’ but no definition of ‘terrorism’
‘Fact checkers’ appear – paid for by the usual suspects along with ‘trust’ websites
Treason May establishes Rapid Response Unit to identify ‘disinformation’
May’s Rapid Response Mechanism: creates a common blame narrative among nations
Queen’s Speech: Online Harms, Treason Bill, Official Secrets Bill, Foreign Agent Register
Fake news is the remit of the ‘trusted’ news outlets and MainStream Media…
Social media is being clamped-down on because too much truth is being shared
Holding your own government to account is now helping a foreign government…