UK Column News - No Quick Brexit, Weaponised Media & the New Cold War (15th September 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Mike Robinson & Mark Anderson, including:

START    Press Censorship & the Deafening Silence of War - absent Dissent
05:21    Critical Infrastructure & Chinese Influence at Hinkley Point ‘C’
14:52    Police Officers from Poland on British Streets – as we predicted.
18:41    A Common Wealth...? For whom? Another EU-style Superstate?
21:23    ‘Where coincidence ends and where collusion and perfidy begins…’
28:17    Democratic Lies, Ukraine, the United Nations - & Victoria Nuland
32:49    A New Cold War is well underway as Spy agencies Double-down
37:53    Israel & United States Aid : the strings attached to Foreign Aid…
43:45    Drone Analytics, Techno Dystopias – & ‘Automated’ Journalism.