UK Column News - The EU Military, Digital Courts & Melanie Shaw (14th September 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Ellis, including: START Merkel & Theresa discuss UK support for raft of Trade Deals 01:54 HS2 Project criticised as £56 Billion scheme falls into Disarray 05:37 Disintegration of British Infrastructure | the Iraq War | & Ford 09:14 Jean Claude Junker & ‘the Free Movement of Workers’ in Europe 11:21 ‘A single Headquarters…’ for the realised European Military Union 12:52 Military Integration begets Fiscal Unification, & thus one Single Polity 15:23 Northwood, Paris, Greece & Potsdam | Four Command & Control Centres 29:41 Cameron & the ‘Step Change’ in British policy : E.U. Military Integration. 31:23 Migration Crisis “Orchestrated by a Cabal of NATO linked Think-tanks.” 34:17 ‘Nine Thousand Data-Breeches’ – & the National Cyber Security Centre 37:58 Assert the Rule of Law this September 15th - the Glastonbury Convention 39:47 Digitisation of the Courts : East Germany could only dream at our Reality. 43:12 Sixteen Weeks in HMP Foston Hall - Beechwood Whistleblower Melanie Shaw In this UK Column News we cover the reality of the European Union drive for ‘Military Integration.’ All of the infrastructure is ready to go - all that remains is for it to come online. The other key “If we bring in Melanie Shaw - the very brave whistleblower from Beechwood children’s home. This lady’s crime has been to speak out about her own abuse, and that of hundreds of other children. She has said, and consistently maintained that children were murdered at Beechwood, and in other children’s homes. She has an excellent memory. We can now say she’s now sixteen weeks into Foston Hall, a Utoxeter Prison. She’s been on remand. Nobody of her close associates and lay legal advisors can get near her. She’s had no visits. She’s been in segregation. And from two brief phone calls she’s said that she’s been threatened by prison staff. That includes staff in riot gear coming into her cell and threatening rape. And I have to say to our audience today that in making these statements Melanie has been totally measured. She has not appear in court. She’s only been allowed to appear via video link. And she has to endure a court imposed legal team who she’s tried to sack at least once. And that imposed legal team has prevented any contact from the lay legal advisors that Melanie wants to help defend her. Now, she is due to appear in Peterborough court on Friday. We don’t know the time. That is she will appear by video link - but there is a court case. We understand this is for sentencing. We are not aware of what the crime is at the moment. But it looks as though the intent is to get Melanie Shaw locked up in prison again - if not thrown into some form of psychiatric institute. And why are they so keen on silencing her? Because she has a very very accurate memory, and of course she is one of several people who now maintain that a senior political figure was involved in the abuse of children around Beechwood and other Nottingham children’s homes, including in the transfer of children to Dolphin Square in London, by Sunshine Variety Club minibuses. So silence there - with a ‘court’ system… is there justice Mike? I think we are seeing common law thrown out the door. This is Stalinist, what we’re seeing at the moment.’