UK Column News - The Elites of Europe - Trade Deals, Biometrics & Disney Abuse

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Mark Anderson, including: START Donald Tusk reflects upon ‘the European Elites…’ 04:13 EU Heads of State Assemble in Bratislava, Slovakia 05:45 American Decline vs the great Eurasian Integration 07:52 Trade-deals : the TPP, Obama & his failed Legacy. 12:31 Rutherford Institute – & ‘the Nine-Eleven Alphabet’ 15:24 The Western Crackdown on Investigative Journalism 17:13 Old Guard Journalists are Establishment Gatekeepers 19:23 Disney World! Biometric Fingerprints & Child Abuse! 21:37 Rise of ‘Lone Children’ seeking Asylum inside Britain 23:29 A Fishing Net to Harvest the Vulnerable : ‘Childline…’ 25:17 Orwellian Sacrifices - the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry 27:21 Soviet-style ‘Population Health Improvement’ schemes 29:54 Assert the Rule of Law in Glastonbury with the B.C.G. 32:13 Déjà vu with Fresh Allegations of Syrian Bio-weapons 34:21 Ex-Netherlands PM Suggests ‘the ICC for Netanyahu’ 35:49 Incorporated Warlords ‘Support’ the Armed Forces… 41:21 Betrayal of the Royal Marines as their HQ is Sold Off 43:14 A Military-style command post Established in the City 45:23 Saudi Arabia Begs for Continued Sale of British Arms B.C.G. | British Constitution Group The Austin Truth Fest livestream address is :