UK Column News - Assad, Chemical Weapons and the Real Syrian Civil Defence

Today's UK Column News with Mike Robinson & Vanessa Beeley, including:

START    Delegation of Lords to Syria : Vilified for Dialogue with Assad
02:45    Of Assad : ‘We met him for two hours, we fired questions at him.’
05:27    “End intervention : End the arming of Terrorist Entities in Syria.”
09:35    Font of tremendous Wisdom & Peace : Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun
12:14    Photographic Evidence of Compassion in Wartime|Map of Aleppo
15:23    Media Coverage in Syria : Who Perpetrates The Chemical Attacks?
21:35    Real victims of warfare waged against an innocent Syrian Population.
24:12    Abdullah Issa - Child Tortured & Beheaded by ‘Moderate’ Terrorists
29:27    World of Delusions|Nobel Nominees : the Al Qaeda ‘White Helmets’
32:12    Beatification of Literal Terrorists|Defamation of Syrian Civil Defence

For clarification, the White Helmets are literal terrorists who masquerade as humanitarians for press releases and propaganda : these people are guilty of actual war crimes and atrocities, as is evidenced by testimony from the ground in Syria.