UK Column News - 9th September 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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Here’s the bullets for September 9

START – Boris in Dublin meeting Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar
Irish Prime Minister Varadkar: stakes are high for Ireland
Boris: UK must leave EU by 31 Oct. or permanent damage will be done to democracy
Boris now looking for a deal with the EU…
Brexit has become a sectarian issue in Ireland
Boris to avoid prorogation by offering a general election again
Lord Sumption: injunction required to extend article 50 until end of January 2020
MSM fearmongering on no-deal Brexit will intensify considerably from now
Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party prepare for battle: the swamp is being drained
Labour Brexit voters may switch to the Brexit Party
30:11 – GcMAF Awareness event: 11:11am on 11 September outside Parliament
Ian R. Crane: 5G tour starts tonight in Bristol
Totnes and South Hams District Council to impose 5G moratorium
33:52 – The long war in Afghanistan: US President Trump pulls out of talks
US pro-war left uses fake news to attack Trump’s decision
Afghanistan: war without end – many journalists would be out of work without war
41:57 – Russia elections: Kremlin-backed parties take a hit
Russia accuses Facebook and Google of allowing political adverts despite a ban
Google tries to push blame onto specific areas of Russia
Google and Facebook enthusiastic to see opposition in Russia take hold…
BBC: big tech firms now join forces with the BBC to fight ‘disinformation’
BBC, Facebook, Google and Twitter will kill information by censorship…
Will fake news from the BBC, CNN et al be flagged…?