UK Column News - 9th September 2015

Daily Express suggests bombing Syria would help refugees, After Tories have devastated British army Disgraced Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell wants boots on ground in Syria, Nicola Sturgeon offers refugee space in her house in cynical publicity stunt, Cameron's government faces court over Lariam drug damage to troops, Despite paedophiles around Westminster Cameron whips up parliament to take refugee children preferably those without parents, BBC nudges public into long grass with another dead-end historic child abuse story, Queen longest serving monarch and certainly most treacherous as she accepts mediatisation, Former Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball friend of Prince Charles convicted child abuse, Cameron undermines justice as Magistrates resign over unfair Court charges and Courts closed, Capita TV Licensing Court Manual breaks surface, Daily Express makes fiction fact in article falsely accusing Assad of using chemical weapons, Sexed-up Brookes Newmark MP gains backing of IPSO in drive for State media control, Obama sends more military munitions to help al Nusra and ISIS terrorise Syria and Iraq, BBC propaganda blames Russians for Syrian fighters, Aged academic and nazi historian Michael Burleigh becomes Daily Mail expert on drone killings, Guardian highlights parliament did not approve drone killings - so who did?, Aside from Israel who backs independent intelligence gathering on IS and ISIS, Motivated 107,000 sign for war criminal arrest Natanyahu but British government says he has diplomatic protection, Chilcott stalls report date yet again, Former Citi trader exposes information sharing as NATWEST bank hit by contagious cash machine failure