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UK Column News - 9th October 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

00.24 - Pub Closures in Northern England. Looking at how government lockdown measures make little sense. 


Wigan Today Article:

02:35 - A repeat of the Apil COVID 19 narrative. Why are the UK government repeating a failed narrative? 


UK Government Coronavirus Dashboard:

Guardian Article:

06:22 - Buy To Comply. Discussing how regional, cuity, local authorities and businesses are demanding more money in return fro compliance

09:29 - Gaslighting. Examining the politician's and media's use of applied psychology to change our behaviour.


Matt Hancock Tweet:

Express Online Article:

Nadine Dorries Tweet:

Twitter Profile:

Times Article Cited by Dorries:

17:30 - Office of National Statistics claims of high mortality from COVID 19, compared to flu and pneumonia, are not what they seem. 


ONS Statement:

(Correction) - Iain Davis Article:

ONS and HM Passport Office Guidance:

22:06 - Why are the Passport Office giving medical advice. Could it be to create an internationally recognised Digital Immunity passport? A health immunity status determined solely by how many vaccines you have? 


BBC Article:

Tobias Ellwood Statement:

Skift Article:

The Commons Project:

31:45 - Impact of Lockdown on healthcare. Delays in treatment raising mortality risks across the nation. Looking at how private companies and NGO's are capitalising on the COVID scare. 


Guardian Article:

HSJ Article (Paywalled):

Breast Cancer Now Article:

Addenbrook's Campaign:

Royal Liverpool Appeal:

40:40 - Cambridge Analytica investigation. Highlighting how Integrity Initiative journalists are rewarded by the establishment for peddling fake news.


FT Article (No Paywall):

43:17 - Discussion of U.S election. Looking at how a quite farcical U.S. election is imminent. Unfortunately with potentially deadly serious ramifications. 

48:32 - The prominence of sign language interpreters. Is it an intentional tactic to disorientate and distract news report viewers. Roundup and farewell.


Woke Capital Tweet: