UK Column News - 9th October 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – The Westminster hokey cokey…Parliament prorogued again
Parliament returns on the 14 October with the Queen’s Speech
Saturday 19 October: a special sitting of Parliament to ‘deal with Brexit’
Jean-Claude Juncker: No deal Brexit will collapse the UK…
MainStream Media headlines to become more hyped & hysterical over coming days
05:58 – Express: EU Defence Union is a ‘stitch-up’ says Brexiteer
This matter has not been ‘overlooked’ by MSM…it has been deliberately silenced
Ministry of Defence responds using the misnomer ‘EU Army’
MoD provides more evidence of involvement with EU Defence Union
Royal Navy: Exercise Joint Warrior begins
UK-French bi-lateral Exercise Griffin Strike 19 is also taking place 
Obfuscation: all eight pillars of EU Defence Union are now in place…
UK Column tweet on EU Defence Union is getting traction
UK Column viewers send letters to their MPs with varying brush-offs
20:15 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour dates: tour continues tomorrow in Swansea
21:08 – Journalism Trust Intiative: 120 media experts…
JTI uses journalism to create algorithms so AI can vet websites for trustworthyness
European Commission tenders contracts for European Digital Media Observatory
BBC news by omission: all you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
BBC: LGBT teaching row - government issues advice on handling school protests
BBC only mentions Muslim protests – no mention of Christians, Jews & others
LGBT protest row: who’s telling the truth…? Apparently not the Dept. for Education
Why is DfE so scared of the Birmingham protests…?
Protests are spreading & communities are uniting, families are fighting using the law
The public is getting stronger by taking the initiative
34:08 – UK debt (2015) stands at 844% of GDP: corporate debt bubble is collapsing
First Thomas Cook, now Pizza Express is in big trouble…
Banking emergency…? 68,000 job cuts planned at mega banks
Major banks now require immediate liquidity
37:30 – Burying bad news: establishment child abuse being hidden from public
Retired High Court Judge Sir Richard Henriques destabilises the whole investigation 
The focus is placed on the Police for mistakes…meanwhile, the guilty walk free