UK Column News - 9th October 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast at which the item in question commences.

Mike Robinson interviews Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire

1’]    Bombing of Afghan hospital by the United States.
“They didn’t spare any ammunition in flattening this hospital … it’s a massacre, basically.”

6’]    The geopolitical agenda is the encirclement of Russia.
President Putin’s decisiveness at the UN General Assembly and elsewhere recently, and effective Russian military action, has suddenly exposed what the West has been doing in the dark for some years, “flooding” Syria and northern Iraq with terrorists and weapons in the vain hope of overthrowing the government.

10’]    The West’s “marriage of convenience” with al-Qa’ida is called “Operation Cyclone 2.0” by Henningsen, referring to the 1970s-1980s operation in Afghanistan to create enemies of the Soviet Union.

13’]    “The whole thing has been giant window-dressing to cover the agenda of regime change.”

16’]    “Saudi Arabia has crushed the Arab Spring … physically crushed it and flattened it in Yemen.”

18’]    “Saudi Arabia has been a very bad actor in this story; they’ve hosted [terrorist] groups in their country for years now.” So has Turkey, Henningsen adds.

19’]    If Iraq asks Russia for an effective intervention against terrorists, President Obama will have the last vestige removed of the notion that he is representing a unified America. In truth, he is representing “America, Inc.”, Henningsen says. Obama has completely lost control of the “managed chaos” that his advisors had hoped to create in the region.
Victoria Nuland (State Dept.) and her husband Robert Kegan (Project for a New American Century) are still very active in destabilising Ukraine and the Middle East through U.S. foreign policy.
This would be “meltdown for the United States as a world power”, because U.S. ability to project military force would be shown up as sorely lacking.

22’]    Henningsen insists that the United States’ true power is as an honest broker, a mantle which the U.S. has lost in recent years “even though half the world is rooting for them”. “The people in charge” in the U.S. are making this role impossible at present. Its role as a global hegemon is finished.

23’]    Zbigniew Brzezinski has, in despair, insisted that the U.S. should even try to disarm Russian troops in Syria. This is neither possible nor lawful, Robinson points out. He is “slightly losing the plot”, Henningsen observes. “He himself would be the first to admit that the current world order is in flux; it’s shifting,” he adds.

25’]    TASS reports that the Ukrainian parliament is passing a law to legalise the presence of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine.
“This takes the proxy war against Russia a step further, doesn’t it?” asks Robinson.
Henningsen replies that it would represent the “complete corporatisation” of wars fought for the West abroad.
The same old ex-military people “in Putney Bridge or St James’ Square or who knows where” will be behind this, he adds: whatever is no longer possible through emaciated British military strength will be done through mercenary channels.

28’]    Henningsen observes that the Ukrainian government acts, walks and talks like a “fascist government” in its treatment of what it calls “ethnic Russians” and in its enthusiastic embrace of corporatist fighting forces.

30’]    Henningsen calls the men being trained in Ukraine “John McCain’s Army of the North”, with “ideas of racial purity and segregation in their country” and little idea of the law; “bloodthirsty, hardcore military units that will have the gumption to go in and keep the war going” because of regular conscripts and professional soldiers deserting the Eastern Ukraine battlefields in horror.

31’]    The problem with backing Nazism and fascism, he adds, is that it is very difficult to “put the genie back in the bottle” after having unleashed it. “Our Western taxpayers’ money created that problem in the first place, and now we are spending ten times more to try to exterminate it … if you’re somewhere in the loop here financially, you’re doing better than ever right now; but for the rest of us, I don’t see any benefits at all.”