UK Column News - 9th November 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Brexit: Treason May talks of ‘backstop to a backstop’…
DUP: ‘total betrayal’ - DUP are the only reason conservatives are still in power
03:28 – Jeremy Hunt speech: Britain’s relationship with France begins with WW1…
History being erased before our eyes…?
Hunt: Britain ‘a European power committed to security of European continent’
‘committed to security of European continent’ = defence unification
British and French military - ‘closer collaboration’…
Norwegian frigate on NATO training exercise collides with oil tanker
11:17 – Spotlight on HPV Vaccines event: 11 November, London
Alternative View 9.1 event – Democracy in Chains: 2 December, London
11:52 – BBC: working to strengthen trust and transparency online…
14:19 – Censorship online continues relentlessly – free speech is being crushed
New social media hub to help ‘remove dangerous content’
Child abuse being cynically used to drive further censorship…?
Big Brother 2.0 – CCTV aggregation planned
Minority Report ‘pre-crime’ becoming reality…?
22:08 – Celtic Boys Club founder Jim Torbett jailed for six years for abusing boys
Celtic Football Club statement: better procedures needed to protect children
Investigation led by press (Daily Record) not football club, boys club or Police…
BBC: victims of paedophile Jim Torbett take legal action against Celtic FC
Scottish Football Association’s Ian Maxwell issues apology to victims of abuse
Martin Henry: author of ‘independent’ review into abuse – who is Martin Henry…?
Henry: direct connections to convicted paedophile Jamie Rennie & Common Purpose
31:12 – Former Mayor of Islington Sandy Marks: a pro-paedophile…
Marks in charge of Islington Social Services when child abuse scandal broke in 1990s
Sarah Morgan ‘investigation’ into Marks – a total whitewash…
Keith Vaz also involved with Islington Council and is currently under investigation
36:22 – Has the LGBT movement been a little too close to paedophile groups…?
Scotland to have LGBT education focus in all state schools…
More and more government indoctrination being embedded in school curriculum
Scottish Government Equality Outcomes paper = tyranny
Who was the researcher for the paper…? It’s a secret…
40:17 – BBC: child protection services near crisis as demand rises
JK Rowling: founder and president of the Lumos Foundation
Lumos Foundation: a close look at the trustees involved – links to BBC
Scotland: The Volant Trust also run by JK Rowling…