UK Column News - 9th March 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus: it’s the Russians…!
Oil prices fall rapidly
France: massive economic stimulus is the answer…
CV stockpiling: what each UK supermarket is rationing as panic-buying continues
MainStream Media blames social media for the hysteria…
UK Column article: civil liberties once given away, won’t come back
UK government spins CV panic with ‘social distancing’ measures
BBC: fear mongering about CoronaVirus…?
UK government sets up ‘counter-disinformation unit’ - fears Russia spreading CV fake news
The Guardian: unamed ‘British official’ says countries such as Russia COULD exploit crisis
USA: MSM continues to bolster the CoronaVirus hysteria and also blames the Russians
Leader US Global Engagement Centre: meet the mysterious Lea Gabrielle
20:43 – MH17 trial begins today: website down most of the day…
FCO: UK has full confidence in the Dutch justice system
Dominic Raab: The Russian state must now cooperate fully with this trial
Three Russians and one Ukrainian are accused
UK Column video: MH17 – awaiting the trial
23:34 – Good news: British military rehearsing evacuation – what are they preparing for…?
25:10 – RAF scramble to save SAS soldier wounded in IED explosion in Syria
Why are the SAS operating inside Syrian sovereign territory…?
26:18 – Political nonsense: British military climate change policy
COP 26: UN climate change conference UK 2020
Climate change will sustain the financial system in the future…
31:28 – Gender identity legal challenge: Tavistock clinic must come clean
32:46 – Scotland: Communities Minister Aileen Campbell to quit Holyrood
Seven SNP MPs have now decided to quit suddenly
Alex Salmond: sexual assault trial begins – a political witch hunt…?
37:44 – Labour veteran Trevor Phillips suspended over Islamophobia allegations
Priti Patel: The Guardian versus Twitter – spot the troll…
Priti Patel: draining the UK swamp…? She also wants the grooming gang report released
42:38 – Eric Pickles to lead ‘independent’ Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
44:27 – Today is Commonwealth day