UK Column News - 9th March 2018

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column. 

START – Daily Mirror fake news: Trump – Kim Jong-un meeting ‘could mean war’
03:56 – Trump’s steel tariff: a bargaining chip to pressure EU on NATO payments
09:00 – Poland: new holocaust law creates furore – free speech under attack again
12:30 – Brexit: Boris – pay more to EU before we ‘leave’…£3.5bn extra in total
16:14 – EU regionalisation policy: the complete break up of the UK
22:54 – EU: Throw a dog a bone and it just wants a bigger bone…
23:57 – Brexit: driving a second Scottish independence referendum
    Trying to create a toxic brand – Britishness and the British nation
25:47 – SNP uses Brexit showdown with Holyrood as ‘dry run’ for 2nd referendum
28:22 – Labour on cusp of winning 20 more seats in Scotland and the next election
30:18 – Gatestone Institute: Britain’s massive charity scam – perfect timing…?
35:20 – Bristol airport: spreading the terrorism fear or aimed directly at the public...?
39:00 – UK Column email  to Independent Office for Police Conduct: updates
42:40 – MI5 training Police Scotland but hidden from public view
43:59 – Emma Caldwell murder: police whistleblower told to withhold evidence…
47:00 – Fresh Start Foundation conference: people’s inquiry into child sexual abuse
47:44 – Scottish schoolgirl assaulted by staff in North Lanarkshire: media ignore it