UK Column News - 9th June 2016

START	#EUReferendumPsyOp software failures distort Brexit vote
2:30	Blair & John Major appeal for Remain in Northern Ireland
4:40	William Hague : Brexit could ‘Fragment the Western World’
7:40	MI6 exempt from the law over rendition of innocent Libyans
10:00	Facebook & Google feign resistance over Federal surveillance
11:40	state entrapment stings dominate incidents of domestic terror
13:50	various factions utilise Turkish alliance to stoke flames of war
16:20	Saudi Arabia placed on U.N. blacklist over Yemeni atrocities
19:40	NATO expansionism via its subjugated Polish vassal domain
22:50	negligence of US poses immense dangers to the entire world
25:00	BALTOPS theatre escalates European standoff with Russia
31:00	Royal Navy intercepts the ‘potential threat’ of Russian sub
34:30	Japanese and German megabanks break from central banks
44:30	Tim Berners Lee works towards distributed Web