UK Column News - 9th January 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Brexit update: Parliament is sovereign…?
Cabinet Office handbook description of the British Constitution is wrong...
6:36 – Anna Soubry MP confronted on live TV
Nick Boles MP receives death threat ‘apparently from a Russian email address...’
BBC ‘journalists’ now embedded across the UK in local media groups
Brexit supporters being deliberately associated as ‘right-wing extremists’
The Guardian: No-deal Brexit plans put 3500 troops on standby
Sky News: British Special Forces injured in ISIS missile attack
13:31 – British Army’s new ‘snowflake’ recruiting drive creates great animosity
A giant psychological operation to further destabilise the British Armed Forces…?
Capita uses faceless cartoons in latest recruitment campaign…
Capita is consistently failing to meet its recruitment targets – a deliberate plan
Tory MPs openly admit to creating a ‘period of creative destruction in public services’
22:27 – Defence Minister Freddie Howe replies to public question on PESCO
NATO and the EU Commission in lock-step with EU military unification
Also being pushed forward using the smokescreen of agreements with France
Is Lord Freddie Howe telling the truth…?
28:44 – UK Column article: Brexit – Theresa May’s CARDs are on the table
The word ‘competence’ is now being grossly misused
Treason May speaks of ‘the union’ - is that the union of the UK or the EU…?
32:57 – Airport drones at it again…or a great business opportunity…?
Heathrow and Gatwick invest millions in anti-drone technology…
35:45 - £800 billion leaves London due to Brexit…?
Canary Wharf: two more banking deaths from a high place
37:35 – Growing angst in the UK: this is government policy – it is not accidental
It is a deliberate divide and conquer strategy to prevent the public working together
Journalists suffering cognitive dissonance as society is pulled apart…?
41:30 – The public hits the spot: young people are now taught by buffoons