UK Column News - 9th August 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris: generating fear within the House of Commons
The Times: How the Commons could thwart Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit
Media busy pushing the idea of a government of ‘national unity’ 
EU remainer Ken Clarke being pushed as possible Prime Minister…
Labour’s John McDonnell would not block second SNP Scottish referendum
Breaking up the UK union is all part of the anti-Brexit plan
Ian Blackford MP: we can escape a Brexit obsessed UK government
Scottish independence = subservience to the EU
The Times: Boris to defy any vote of no confidence
Malcolm Rifkind: will Boris lose his head like Charles I…?
There seem to be many conspiracies and plots afoot
14:45 – FT fake news: Russians feel the pain of Vladimir Putin’s regime
Russian President Putin’s popularity approval over 20 years averages 68%
UK figures: highest approval for UK political leaders – 32%…
18:54 – GcMAF trials: David Noakes, Lyn Thyer update
Lyn Thyer extradited to France to face 9 charges ‘transferred’ from David Noakes
No jury: court ‘star chamber’ is very dangerous for real justice
MHRA: a disgraceful report on HM Gov website must be challenged by the public
Daily Mail reporter: who is Eleanor Hayward…?
GcMAF Awareness Event: 11:11am on 11 September outside Parliament
26:19 – Artificial Intelligence: £250 million for NHS AI lab
NHSx will be driving this program: more politically-led scare stories…?
Health modelling to be used as with climate science: how well is that going…?
Head of NHSx: who is Matthew Gould…?
BBC news: Teenager in care almost starved to death
Two-tier law system in evidence again: council care not punished for maltreatment
MSP Alex Neil: council used their powers in a dictatorial way
MAPPA is the central problem – Police will not investigate local authorities
42:24 – Child abuse: IICSA report – the callous, cynical claims they made
IICSA fails in its duty under its own Terms of Reference
Child abuse witnesses can only testify if they are approved by the inquiry…
A massive cover-up: Melanie Shaw certainly does not meet our political agenda
Home Office were allegedly funding PIE – a pro-paedophile group: media silent