UK Column News - 9th August 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Trump and Putin: the importance of further engagement
US places sanctions on Russia over Skripal affair
Still no facts or evidence provided for Skripal case
Gavin Williamson (minister of war) meets US Sec. of State for defence Mattis
Who is Gavin Williamson really working for…?
UK: a tier one military power except for…
Who are the Atlantic Council…? Facebook (among others) works with them…
13:08 – Civil Society Strategy: building a future that works for everyone
The Fusion Doctrine coming to Britain: creating social value (via Common Purpose)
Public’s relationship with government and local government changes before our eyes
UK Column article: In Pursuit of Fairness
23:34 – Jacob Rothschild worried about new world economic order…
25:33 – Labour councillor quits over plan for transgender access to women’s toilets
Common sense forced out of Cambridge County Council
The same thing is happening in NHS, education, military, charities…
28:37 – 5G talk: 11 August, Totnes Civic Hall
29:13 – Melanie Shaw: Email to UK Column Re. Melanie’s Leeds trial
Theresa May’s conservative government tortures abuse survivors
As Home Secretary & Prime Minister, Theresa May is responsible
Chris Leslie MP: big on Police publicity very small on defending vulnerable constituents
Leslie: zero tolerance on anti-semitism but blind to torture by solitary confinement
40:30 – Melanie Shaw postcards available from UK Column website
41:06 – Three men due on court over murder of baby killer in Welsh village
No justice in courts = the breakdown of law and order…?