UK Column News - 9th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Alex Thomson, including: START Chaos unfolding… Spin & EU Lies : une letter dans Français 04:25 “In my years at GCHQ of course…” various European Mindsets 05:34 Hinkley & Chinese investments in the British Nuclear infrastructure 06:52 Fellow-Travellers|Kissinger|Communism in China|& North Korea 09:28 “1979 : Military And Nuclear Collaboration With Israel” Document 11:32 Theresa May : “Je Suis Juif…” along with the infamous Eric Pickles 12:03 Israel & wild ‘Pledges of Allegiance’ taken by foreign Heads of State 13:59 British Special Forces are operating inside Syria, the BBC reports… 16:34 These forces “Do not need Parliamentary approval to be deployed.” 18:11 …here the BBC demonstrates its remarkable Constitutional Illiteracy 19:23 The SAS & SBS are ‘The Handy Bit of our Armed Forces’ to be kept 21:04 A Divine Right of Parliament in place of the Divine Right of Kings… 22:31 So… : ‘Who exactly runs Britain’s Private Army of Special Forces…?’ 24:48 ‘It is a time for peaceful direct action’ & swift replacement of all MPs 27:32 Police Marksman Anthony Long Questions Direction of Lethal Force 28:41 …the Inalienable Right to Bear Arms to protect yourself from Terror 32:53 ‘Little doubt children were abused across public institutions...’ | BBC 35:21 Kashmiri Scapegoats|Industrial-level Establishment Abuse Protected 37:34 David Rose of the Daily Mail leads the charge against abuse Exposure 41:52 The Abuse Inquiry|False Investigations|Subterfuge… & Perpetuation 44:39 Real Inquiry – “On your Oath, do you know anything about Janner?” 47:42 Affairs Scottish : Godlessness, Ardent Secularism, & The New Religion 52:31 “Scotland is a testbed – and the population is being Experimented on.”