UK Column News - 9th April 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Professor Piers Robinson for today's UK Column News.

START – Syria: MainStream Media lies taken to task by academics
04:17 – Novichok: Syria now involved according to Daily Express…
‘No time for OPCW investigation to take place...’ - No evidence needed
Novichok now not deadly according to MainStream Media…
18:49 – Media on Trial event – 27 May, Leeds
Is the MainStream Media complicit in supporting terrorism…?
21:08 – Syria: ‘dozens of civilians killed in chemical weapons attack’
Russia to be blamed no matter what the circumstances…
All mainstream news feeds get info at the same time – PR involved…?
Reality is being inverted: MSM lies are the opposite of truth
30:34 – Putin: grave consequences if military action is taken on basis of attacks
32:57 – Media: print editions contain stories linked to different stories on website
Orwellian memory hole coming to light…
38:14 – Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes
NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
39:35 – London stabbings: new offensive weapons bill - social media is a target…
46:25 – Cambridge Analytica ‘whistleblower’: Brexit lacks ‘democratic mandate’
AggregateIQ: twisting minds to accept second referendum