UK Column News - 8th September 2015

Control British press by Leveson fails so Hacked Off campaign for Leveson Control of press, Fraud and deception as Lords claim £millions but never speak in House, Daily Mail gives Katie Ghose media platform for hidden political of Lords Reform, Immense wealth and power hides behind Katie Ghose's Electoral Reform Society, Cameron says we're all safe as British drone murders dead man, David Bannerman Dan Hodges keen on drone murder as Mark Urban points out Pakistan Somalia drones in legal turbulence, BBC pumps out propaganda Asian paedophiles whilst hiding white VIP abusers, Cameron smeared in abuse as his business advisor Doug Richard investigated for paedophilia, Cameron smiles to camera with helping hand from convicted paedophile Matthew Byrne, West Sussex Council praises liar and convict Coroner Penelope Schofield, Reminder that BBC failed to mention Common Purpose activity Rotherham's Sonia Sharpe, UKColumn viewers keen to report positive progress, US viewer Dr Cornelia O'Leary on target with exposure of refugees and embedded ISIS scam, War war war as Turkish jets pound Iraq and France Britain threaten Syria and West blames Russia again, Sickening hypocrisy as big business Capita plugs Armed Forces Covenant to hide £millions it wasted in MoD contracts, Is MoD part of Bank of International Settlements?, China's trade surplus takes off, Last year Britain recorded biggest deficit in goods since records began, David Cameron tweets he's looking after our security and so he can by standing down