UK Column News - 8th October 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast at which the item in question commences.



1’]    NATO/Russia/Turkey/Syria: Jens Stoltenberg, British troops (all 500 of them)
Brian Gerrish recommends that viewers watch how President Putin describes accurately what Russia is doing militarily abroad, and that viewers should contrast this with the U.S. and UK governments’ actions and PR, at (Gerrish remarks that the journalist asking Putin the question here, John Simpson, looks particularly gobsmacked as he is taken apart).

6’]    Daily Telegraph article “Eight referred daily under deradicalisation scheme”… describes how HM Government is placing large numbers of young people on the “Channel” scheme.
Mike Robinson notes that surely the amount of “radicalism” should be falling, rather than sharply rising as it supposedly is, given the ramping-up of this and similar government schemes. So is the aim actually to radicalise, not to deradicalise?
Gerrish adds that his sources speak of a £3,500,000,000 fund to agitate young people, and that there are no written orders to police on this subject despite the huge whipping-up of rhetoric.

10’]    Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, has issued guidance (shown on screen and read out) whose fourth point states, “I have decided that …” (sic). This order (“guidance”) prevents all but Family Court judges from hearing cases of supposed radicalisation of young people.
Gerrish points out that the Family Court system is dangerously secret, and is now “mixing terrorism with taking people’s children … mixing the safety of children with whatever the government’s political objective is”.
Robinson holds out some hope for Munby and wonders whether his aim here was actually to prevent less senior judges from being intimidated into making political judgements.

14’]    Sir Simon McDonald of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is quoted in horror by the Independent as saying that HM Government now prioritises a “prosperity agenda” over “human rights”. Yet making a noise about the concept of “human rights”, Robinson points out, actually narrows rather than broadens our immunities.

16’]    Press TV (Iran) reports that the Vatican Ambassador in Geneva, Archbishop Tommasi, has given his blessing for the use of force against ISIL.
“Spot the man of Christ,” observes Gerrish.

17’]    The Daily Telegraph is suddenly pushing that the late Sir Leon Brittan was innocent of paedophilia — but closer inspection reveals that the article concerns only one single allegation of rape among the many that were made against him.

19’]    The conviction of Bishop Ball (see 35’ yesterday) is evidence that there actually was and is a VIP child abuse ring — that which the Metropolitan Police has now decided it is its job to deny.

21’]    BBC Panorama (see 33’ onwards yesterday) phrases its documentary title on iPlayer as “The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s the Truth?”
Gerrish asks, “Who in 2015 would go to the BBC for truth?”

More detailed analysis by Gerrish of the Panorama aims and team.
Key names: Ceri Thomas, Daniel Foggo (of the “deeply concerned intellectual fake expression” as he interviews witnesses), ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Hill (now a “media advisor”), Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald of Operation MIDLAND, Commander Peter Spindler (Met), Chief Constable Simon Bailey, Lord Ken Macdonald (former CPS), Peter Saunders (whom “the BBC thinks represents everyone who’s been abused”).
Gerrish notes the heavy (paid?) police presence in the Panorama production.

26’]    Panorama’s targets:
Chris Fay, Tom Watson MP, Exaro News, and arguably DS McDonald of Operation MIDLAND and the other senior policemen.
The BBC’s aim, says Gerrish, was to “divide, antagonise and disrupt” the police work … “dirty stirring” by the BBC, and also stirring of the MPs who have commented on the issue, “because they want to break up the group of politicians who’ve been prepared to stand up to child abuse”.

28’]    The “poor victims” in the Panorama presentation:
Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor.

29’]    The BBC’s spin techniques:
- Make Jimmy Savile the villain by repeatedly drawing attention to him, although “he was just one person in a very big network” (says Gerrish)
- Give an illusion of gravitas by talking to camera in a studio
- Undermine the key witness, Chris Fay, to “break apart” the witness group
- Assassinate the character of Tom Watson MP, as if it were improper for a parliamentarian to be concerned
- Fail to mention the suspicions that the Elm Guest House owner Carole Kasir was murdered; simply say that she “died”.

31’]    Gerrish calls the BBC use of Exaro News footage of witness interviews on the Panorama show “Mystery Babylon”.
Exaro claims that the footage was stolen by the BBC from its website, and has even tweeted this (shown on screen).
Robinson points out that this sets a precedent for flagrant breach of copyright: “the BBC can simply hoover up all the material it wants and publish it”.
The Panorama media handling team has failed to get back to UK Column with a response to this allegation.

33’]    Daniel Foggo (see 21’ above) has his interview techniques dissected by Gerrish. Even Foggo’s use of the witness moniker ‘David’ was, according to Gerrish’s source, a snide dig at a rival BBC effort to actually state the truth of the matter.

35’]    The greatest lie of the Panorama episode comes at 54:55 — “Since Savile, there is no doubt that things have changed; victims of abuse are now being properly listened to …”
This is a lie because none other than Foggo met Robert Green in 2010 and promised to help expose the Hollie Greig abuse case.

36’]    The Independent reports: “Couple wrongly accused of abuse ‘unlikely to see their child again’”…
Their QC, Michael Turner, says, “Their life sentence is that they are likely never to see their baby again” (because it has been adopted and the adoption order will probably never be overturned).
Gerrish concludes that there is “Babylonian justice in Britain’s courts:
no truth
no jury
innocent family guilty
innocent family sentenced
family broken apart
and another child stolen by the State, possibly to be abused”

37’]    Deutsche Bank may lose €6,000,000,000 this quarter and will not pay out a dividend, as a result of “tougher regulatory requirements”. Robinson explains that this means “they have been running while bankrupt and have been told to shore up their position”.
Santander has been caught trying to deceive regarding a judgement of no less than the Supreme Court of Spain.
The bank has been found guilty of a money-laundering and terrorism-related offence (not further described by the press).
Robinson urges all holders of Santander accounts to bear this verdict in mind.

40’]    Hillary Clinton has joined many other candidates for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in supposedly opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal. Robinson is sceptical that she will abide by this position if elected to office.
Rather, the current crop of candidates’ opposition to TPP is simply opposition to President Obama and particularly his Middle Eastern policy, Robinson says.

42’]    Gerrish thanks people in public service, particularly police, for their information, and thanks donors to the UK Column. “It’s only with your support that we can keep going, and every little helps”.