UK Column News - 8th May 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – US deploys aircraft carrier and bombers after ‘credible threat’ from Iran
US National Security Advisor John Bolton omits an explanation of Iranian ‘threat’
US diplomacy – intimidation via the barrel of a gun…?
US Director of Middle East Security Program – Who is Ilan Goldenberg…?
Centre for a New American Security (CNAS) – an ‘independent’ organisation…
CNAS Chairman and CEO – who is Neal Blue…?
CNAS supporters: Heinz Foundation, Open Society Foundation & many others
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: B Team seeking to goad US & Iran into conflict
Russia’s Sergei Lavrov meets US Mike Pompeo before Pompeo visits Britain
Jeremy Hunt: deeply concerned with escalation by Russia and Syrian ‘regime’ in Idlib
Further chemical weapon ‘attacks’ in Syria imminent…?
24:30 – Fake News: 241m Europeans ‘may have received Russian-linked disinfo’
SafeGuard Cyber research company data ‘could not be verified by the Guardian…’
Research company background: who is SafeGuard Cyber…? receives grant from Google for Automated Factchecking…
30:09 – Mark Sedwill: king of the United Kingdom – John Bolton the US version…?
The Commentator – Gavin Williamson: an innocent man
Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn on Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill
Veterans for Britain – little known facts about Mark Sedwill…
Sedwill also connected to the national child abuse inquiry
Sedwill and Olly Robbins have been driving the Brexit process from the beginning
Mark Sedwill the puppet: who is his handler…?
44:24 – MainStream Media continues to keep child abuse spotlight off Westminster
Can the British government be trusted to tell the truth on any matter…?