UK Column News - 8th June 2018

Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Bilderberg 2018: the rise of ‘populism’ at the top of the agenda
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence also high on the agenda
The Vatican has a representative at Bilderberg for the first time
The Bilderberg Association: Annual Report and Financial Statements
Bilderberg creates private (secret) networks between elite across the world
11:32 – G7 also taking place at the same time: US in the dog house…?
Trump only staying at G7 for a short time
17:01 – Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Presidents Xi and Putin to headline
21:10 – Alternative View 9 DVDs now for sale
21:34 – UN on human trafficking: sanctions against 6 individuals in Libya
UN getting rid of the competition…?
Libya: destabilised by the west to enable western control of the country
People trafficking in Britain needs full attention of the British government
27:05 – Brexit: Britain is leaving Euratom...or is it…?
Is the British government trying to prevent Britain leaving any EU institution…?
Britain to also remain in the Eureka intergovernmental network
EU innovation: funds only available to organisations who are politically aligned
35:57 – Edinburgh families told to ‘plug the gap’ in care for the elderly
Rules being changed but on whose behalf…?
41:16 – Facebook now trying to hire ‘News Credibility Specialists’…
44:03 – New female keeper of the Registers of Scotland
Policy change ten days before Common Law court submits documentation
Public now has to make appointment to enter Registers of Scotland building
47:38 – Fresh Start Foundation event: 9 June, Greenock