UK Column News - 8th June 2016

START	the Great Fake Brexit Debate : Nigel Farage verses the PM
4:20	white demographic painted as regressive Anti-EU Brexiteers
6:30	Media forecasts reignited Troubles in the event of a vote Leave
8:40	eviction thugs in balaclavas act outside the law Northern Ireland
19:20	innovative policies in Iceland set a financial standard for the world
25:00	United States election theatrics develop into a coup of superdelegates
27:50	satirical insights from Evelyn Waugh : Alex Thomson | Book Review
34:30	relentless atrocities against innocent Yemenis as British media silent
39:20	Al Qaeda is an invaluable asset of American destabalisation policies
48:00	simulated resurrection in Satanic Ritualism at sacred French sites
49:30	Europe destabalises further as political factionalism is fomented