UK Column News - 8th January 2020

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's UK Column News.

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START – Iranian missile attack on Iraqi military bases
Dominic Raab condemns attack on Iraqi bases hosting coalition forces
Iranian Defence Minister expecting further US action
Boris: that man (Soleimani) had the blood of British personnel on his hands
21 Wire article: Pentagon warmongers double-down deploying 6 nuclear bombers
Iranian airliner crashes en route from Tehran to Kiev – no survivors
Reports surface of possible missile attack on Iranian airliner
06:36 – Israel announces new illegal settlements in the West Bank
BBC tries to paint criticism of New World Order as ‘anti-semitic’…
Sephardic Chief Rabbi – immigrants from former Soviet Union are religion-hating gentiles
Avigdor Liberman: Rabbi’s words were anti-semitic and racist
The ‘anti-semite’ trope has now lost all meaning as Jews call each other anti-semites
10:41 – Brexit: Ursula Von Der Leyen visits London School of Economics
Von Der Leyen: we must build new partnership on defence
EU Defence Union will not be between sovereign nations…
European Central Bank’s Klaas Knot: little difference between no-deal and hard Brexit
15:01 – Iran: BBC bias and propaganda by misleading omission continues…
No mention of 1953 US & British intelligence coup to remove Iranian PM Mossadeq
Telegraph’s Middle East correspondent says Russia tried to ‘discredit’ her Syria reports
Why does she only report from terrorist-held areas and not report civilian casualties…?
19:08 – Censorship 2020: Buzzfeed complains about social media reporting ‘errors’
BBC continues the theme at exactly the same time…
Extinction Rebellion criminal activity now approved by United Reform Church
United Reform Church connections to Tavistock…?
23:56 – Who’s running the Civil Service…?
Civil Service Learning – A guide to the Common Curriculum
Cameron’s Big Society is a key policy within Civil Service training
Intensive micro-management of every facet of Civil Service staff: the Hive Mind
Want to know more about Civil Service Learning…? Website is now members-only…
Who is actually now training the Civil Service…Common Purpose…?
Civil Service: 400,000 members of staff being re-framed…?
UK Column article 2010: Dark Actors Playing Games
35:30 – Toyota is building a new ‘smart’ city in Japan…