UK Column News - 8th February 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Theresa May in Brussels dealing with the ‘Backstop’
The pressure is showing – is Jean-Claude Juncker making her nervous…?
Steve Baker MP: Brexit did not win the argument within the governing class…
Donald Tusk: ‘a special place in hell for Brexiteers’ causes public anger
The EU openly shows its bullying nature – 50 days remaining…
10:30 – SCL: Parliamentary approval is not required for Armed Forces deployment
Government prepared to lie and deceive over Brexit and on Britain going to war
A huge lack of public trust in government since the ‘Blair effect’
17:55 – How the BBC creates propaganda and spin ‘news’
Who is BBC article ‘author’ James M. Acton…?
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – are they really independent…?
CEIP: mostly made up of ex-bankers, politicians, ambassadors and...Russians
Who is Duncan Walker the BBC’s ‘cartoon’ expert…?
27:36 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available from the UK Column website
5G and Smart Meter tech talk: February 22, Buckfastleigh, Devon
28:05 – UKC article: Beyond Integrity Initiative - The scale of UKGov counter disinformation
European Commission: Disinformation undermines the trust of citizens…
Translation: ‘disinformation’ means the free exchange of views without state control
‘Strategic Communications’ = propaganda – a giant network is building
‘Union Values’ = not honouring referenda…?
How Integrity Initiative’s ‘counterfeit expert’ perpetuated the Novichok narrative
‘Expert’ Dan Kaszeta gets defensive on Twitter
50 year-old ‘conspiracy’ discussions = ‘pro-Kremlin’…
Salisbury attack: third Novichok suspect linked to 2015 poisoning in Bulgaria
Mail Online: now FIVE Russians are wanted over the Salisbury poisoning…
Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies: promoted after her work on Novichok
Devon Disinformation Daily: ‘Yellow Vulture’ speed cameras do not exist
MainStream Media is the real fake news – Post Truth
42:20 – Equality and Human Rights Commission: Freedom of Expression guide
Peter Hitchens accuses university of ‘censorship’ after talk cancelled
People being taught in school what to think not how to think…
45:10 – Injustice Minister Lucy Frazer: legal advice ‘could be given in GP surgeries’
This is Soviet planning and thinking in full view