UK Column News - 8th August 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Censorship: a co-ordinated attack from social media companies
New York Times poll fails: readers choose free speech
This will backfire: public being persuaded to view alternative media…
Politicians getting involved – designed to drive people to political extremes
Tory party plan working: to bring in a period of ‘creative destruction’
Political breakdown helps hide the deep state, any violence allows more control
Facebook: working with rabidly anti-Russian Atlantic Council – linked to NATO
09:32 – Worcestershire County Council public notice – special forces exempt…?
11:38 – Count Dankula appeal rejected: ‘Don’t dare criticise the judiciary’
British judges now acting as jury and executioner - taking absolute control of cases
15:51 – Data protection and GDPR: many US websites now not available in the EU
Closing down free speech: secret courts, public not allowed access to websites...
19:15 – Tenth anniversary of the war in South Ossetia
BBC Radio 4 interviews Mikheil Saakashvili (George Soros stooge)…
BBC interviewer Nick Robinson’s extreme bias showing
Graham Phillips detained by UK Police for telling truth about South Ossetian war
25:11 – NATO misfire: Spanish jet accidentally fires missile in Estonia
26:57 – Melanie Shaw: video blogger reports on Leeds trial – was she drugged…?
On 2 August she is deemed fit to plead...on 7 August she is clearly unfit…
People who attended court were disturbed by what they saw: brutal treatment
Member of the public Robert Green reports after Melanie Shaw trial
The victim is herself victimised – her testimony covered up to protect child abusers
BBC continues its total silence on this case…points in other directions
BBC child abusers…? It’s the Asians Romanians…
BBC: harrowing story of young Romanian woman but silence on Melanie Shaw
41:14 – Sad news: Wendy Hirst has passed away
42:15 – A clear message: Melanie Shaw postcards available from UKC website