UK Column News - 8th April 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – Ian R. Crane in hospital with a serious cancer condition
Alternative View 11 conference cannot take place as planned – further info to follow
04:38 – CoronaVirus statistics update
ONS statistics being misrepresented by MainStream Media…?
Public Health England data: a dangerous path to confusion & deceiving the public…?
More CV speciality hospitals come on line – where are the patients…?
USA: Dr Zeke Emanuel: we cannot return to normal until there’s a vaccine…
UK Law Weekly: the lawfulness of lockdown
Gatekeeping comes to the fore to prevent questioning of the lockdown
Constitutional rights under attack across the world
Man goes for a walk for exercise, gets accosted by seven policemen
WHO: we need to look in families for the sick and remove and isolate them
World Health Organization now working with health ‘expert’ Lady Gaga…
A precedent has been set for home removals by police taking children
31:49 – Economy: 1.5 million new claimants for Universal Credit in last 3 weeks
Assistance for businesses appears very limited but banks continue to get help…
BBC: no coverage on the dangers to Britain’s businesses and economy
Boris still in intensive care – who is in charge…?
Dominic Raab in his first cabinet role becomes interim Prime Minister…
British military providing COVID-19 support force
Meet Mark Sedwill: head of everything
What is the National Security Council really for…?
46:50 – OFCOM: radio station sanctioned for misleading CoronaVirus interview
The Lancet: planetary electromagnetic pollution – it is time to assess its impact
OFCOM: Piers Morgan mimicks the Chinese language – case not pursued
OFCOM: a big conflict of interest which must be corrected
51:26 – Where is COVID-19 headed unless the population stands up to be counted…?
A dictatorship is installing itself in the UK…