UK Column News - 8th April 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – A complete shutdown: free speech now over in the UK…?
Theresa May: it’s time to keep our children safe…
Online Harms White Paper: limited details provided by HM government
Generalisations and wide-ranging terminology abound
White Paper is not about protecting children, it’s about controlling the narrative
Government is terrified of losing the narrative to alternative news outlets
Integrity Initiative leaks show the scale of government attempts to control us
Any opposition to government policy = terrorism or extremism (both undefined)
Nothing in White Paper addresses the online harms caused by MainStream Media:
Daily Record fake news: covering up the Integrity Initiative details
BBC fake news: did Russia meddle in Madagascar’s election…?
15:23 – 21 Wire article: Ecuador set to revoke Assange asylum…?
Assange situation is a classic fight for freedom of the press
21 Wire: Jeremy Hunt picks Amal Clooney as UK’s ‘media freedom’ ambassador
The impression given is that the press under threat is only in the third world…
Some search engines are already removing websites from results – censorship is here
22:21 – Good News: Novichok victim asks Putin’s man ‘did you kill my girlfriend…?’
Porton Down has stock of Novichok…where are the Skripals…?
26:40 – Libya: civil war 2.0 under way…UN & EU-backed government is in Tripoli
Russia doesn’t believe the EU should be intervening again in Libya
UK urges France to condemn Haftar’s assault on Tripoli – oil price is up…
ISIS rears their ugly head again in Libya
32:02 – Israel: elections coming up – Netanyahu wants to grab the West Bank next…
US 2020 elections: Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke plays both sides…?
O’Rourke pushes for the old two-state solution (which never comes)…
Jared Kushner pushing his ‘Deal of the Century’ - a bad deal for the Palestinians
42:14 – Brexit: more Online Harm…deal or no deal…?
Treason May’s new government for national unity
Chatham House: to preserve NATO, Britain must help reinvent it
UK Column article – Military Union: British government policy since 1948
Chatham House’s message: UK has to be part of EU defence structure…