UK Column News - 7th September 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Russian air strikes pound Idlib
Turkey in a difficult position re. Russian S400 system and western interests…
AFP news uses children for propaganda purposes
05:42 – Novichok II the sequel: Rapid Response Mechanism rears its ugly head
All working towards a Common Purpose…
09:07 – New York Times publishes anonymous opinion piece on Trump administration
Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s belligerence can produce a world holocaust
The MainStream Media line is: we must hate Russia…
14:41 – Education: OFSTED Chief Inspector Spielman – funding not the problem
iNews: A-level students can still attain an A with almost half the wrong answers
Education system is not really about education – it’s about something else…
Education based on Prussian system – to create good soldiers and factory workers
19:45 – Scotland: £60 million for mental health counselling in all Scottish schools
Will a government-run scheme be confidential or just a data gathering exercise…?
21:05 – National campaign urges parents to withdraw children from controversial P1 tests
P1 tests not compulsory but you have no choice…
22:44 – Matt Hancock: NHS to become best health service in the world…
Hancock launches new NHS app for mobile devices
Who is new Healthtech Advisory board leader Ben Goldacre…?
Confused Ben Goldacre works at the Behavioural Insights Team…
28:25 – Teflon Tony Blair (war criminal) is back…
29:28 – BBC Newsnight now conflating the right-wing with Islamic extremism
Who is the BBC’s Richard Watson…?
Watson fails to investigate why British security services turn a blind eye to terrorism
Extremist again given asylum in the UK – why…?
BBC Newsnight plays both sides against each other and is likely to increase hate…
Be afraid: the ‘far-right’ is on the rise...the public are being reframed
42:35 – Scottish government ‘urged to use Harry Potter’ to boost named person policy
Alex Salmond takes legal action against Scottish Government over complaints