UK Column News - 7th September 2015

UK and international press milks refugees and death of little Aylan, Tom Pride says he would be safe if only we'd bombed Syria more, Cameron ramps rhetoric for UK ISIS war in Syria, France pontificates on joining US Syria air strikes, Germany shudders at 800,000 refugees but what political hand is behind their suffering?, Cameron happy as tension grows in Britain and Islamophobic crime allegedly up, US orchestrates and funds war in Syria whilst blaming Russia, Saudi coalition to purge Yemen of scum, Tom McTague Daily Mail mesmerised by MoD twitter and fails to spot treason, MoD attempts to cover lack of operational aircraft carriers with cartoon video, Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Osborne shout for Syria war as they cut Britain's armed forces to destruction, Cameron Covenant lies as he denied servicemen and women basic rights and support and they sleep rough, Ex servicemen to sue MoD over anti-malarial drug Lariam, TUC Congress Brighton 13 September 2015 opportunity to educate re money and Bradbury Pound, Crane Report 1930 tonight followed by Fracking Nightmare, Standby UK State media control as BBC presses for wider democratic reporting, UKColumn warned of dangerous BBC overseas propaganda in 2014 Subversion from Broadcasting House to Kazakhstan (now in Russian), BBC lies over FTSE 100 bounceback that wasn't, IPSO and Hacked Off propaganda, Beechwood whistleblower Melanie Shaw to lose house and Goddard rejects calls for help, Disgusting call by Daily Mail Dominic Lawson to drop VIP child abuse investigation, Dominic Lawson silent over Tory whip Fortescue admission of MP's abuse of young boys