UK Column News - 7th October 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News

00:00 - Welcome

00:20 - Boris Johnson's recent "Build Back Better" Conservative virtual party conference speech. Discussing how COVID 19 is seemingly being exploited to change the system of government. 


Full Text of Speech:…

05:46 - The UKC team discuss the intent of a recent statement by UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Highlighting extraordinary language which echos fascist doctrine.


Full Text of Speech:…

10:52 - Who is running the UK government? Examining the role of the Intelligence Security Committee and how information flows are tightly controlled insuring that elected representatives only have access to limited information. 


Catherine Haddon Article:…

14:40 - The Lawless State - Letter from Dr Julian Lewis which demonstrates that decisions appear to be being made unlawfully. The UKC team discuss evidence which indicates that there exists a group of individuals who are acting as an unlawful government of occupation. 


Tobias Elwood Article:…

22:32 - The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill. A bill proposes to authorise unlimited criminality for government agents under the guise of "keeping us safe." 


The CHIS Bill:

Hansard Second Reading:…;

ECHR Article:…

New Bill of Rights Article:…

Police Spying Article:…

33:15 - Analysis of the Statement by Zarah Sultana MP which shows there is no legal recourse for any citizen to challenge the State's authorised criminality. A call to support Zarah Sultana. 


Zara Sultana Statement:

35:30 - Dysfunctional parliamentary process. Highlighting the near total disengagement by parliamentarians and how the MSM has ceased to fulfill its vital social function of questioning power. 


CHIS Bill vote record:

Council Surveillance Article:…

42:02 - Sadiq Khan email (Mayor of London) regarding policing at the Trafalgar Square protests

43:45 - The U.S press coverage of Donald Trumps claimed COVID 19 infection. Highlighting the pervasiveness of "fake news." Examining U.S. election predictions. 


Death Watch Article:…

Spectator Article:

Kevin McCullough Analysis:

47:25 - The Great Barrington Decleration. 


The Declaration:

49:20 - UK Clomn Article "COVID 19 - Everything and Nothing."


COVID 19 - Everything and Nothing:

50:45 - The team assesses recent Dominic Raab Statement on the escalating Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. This appears to be a repeat of the narratives leading up to the Syrian conflict. 


Dominic Raab Statement:…

Alex thomson Podcast:…

53:19 - The team look at the alleged Novichok poisoning of Alexei Navalney with Novichok. Highlighting apparent discrepancies in the OPCW report findings. 


OPCW statement:…

56:55 - An update on Boleskine House where Satanists are trying to establish an Alistair Crowley museum and shrine. 

61:25 - IICSA criticism of the Church of England exposes the hypocrisy of the IICSA process.


Mail Article:…

64:45 - A humorous look at the "Decent of Conservatism" meme. Round up and farewell from the UK Column team.