UK Column News - 7th October 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: 21 Tory MPs who lost the whip won’t support Standing Order 24
Very Trumpian: Boris given 24 hours to disclose private chats with Jennifer Arcuri
France’s Macron: we will make a decision on your New Deal by end of the week
Does Macron now run the EU and Britain…?
EU military union: Josep Borrell given his orders by Ursula Von Der Leyen
British Infantry Battle School: sexism war bans army sewing kit
Army to reprint manuals in light of gender equality
Equality Now: working worldwide with financial help from all the usual suspects…
Subtle subversion is ongoing in all areas of society
11:31 – Extinction Rebellion begins protests in London…Police raid ER warehouse
Commission for Countering Extremism publishes findings and recommendations
New term: ‘hateful extremism’
Birmingham education protests a new targets even though no ‘hate’ shown
Civil society: participatory democracy – the public are not needed…
‘Far-right’ is extremist…Extinction Rebellion is not apparently
BBC: busy giving Extinction Rebellion vast amounts of airtime and promotion
BBC propaganda: helping young people to break the law, then blame the authorities
Ex-SO15 counter-extremism officer Richard Walton: ER wants overthrow of civil order
ER now using Department of Education school facilities to recruit and propagandise
UK Column asks Department of Education for policy clarity, gets a dismissive fob-off
Who is responsible for Counter Extremism…?
27:50 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour dates: tour continues tonight in Glasgow
Green Party: still completely avoiding any questions on the dangers of 5G
29:54 – Meet the new Investigatory Powers Commissioner: Sir Brian Leveson…
Just a coincidence: Priti Patel signs up to new UK-US bi-lateral data access agreement
Open letter to Facebook: don’t proceed with implementation of end-to-end encryption
34:02 – HoC Early Day Motion: the on-going incarceration of Julian Assange
34:50 – The Guardian: will fake news wreck the coming general election…?
Article never once highlights The Guardian and other MSM’s own fake news…
37:27 – Coming up in Brussels: addressing foreign interference in elections
Brussels completely fails to mention European MainStream Media
38:16 – Syria invasion: Turkey heading into North Eastern Syria
39:55 – Eyes on: government’s disastrous investigations of establishment paedophilia