UK Column News - 7th June 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit (without the exit): security partnership with the EU
The UK will respect the remit of the European Court of Justice
David Davis: we will deliver a bright new future for the EU (before Britain)
UK government now admits it is unable to function alone: transformation ahead
US consulting firm McKinsey wins £1.9 million UK Brexit contract…
The lie of austerity & Civil Service cuts delivers corporate power and profit
£680,000 of public money given away – McKinsey promotes World government policy
13:32 – Good news: four F35 fighters have arrived in the UK
Minister for War Gavin Williamson very excited
16:46 – The Spectator: A Very English Coup d’Etat
21:30 – Russians not to blame for cyber attack…US Navy did it themselves
Seventeen US Navy sailors die in ‘near criminal circumstances’
US Navy LtCdr Atkinson warned of attack on US military: Frankfurt School methods
27:32 – Ian Crane: Humanity vs Insanity with Dr Graham Downing – 19:30 today
28:29 – Sweden mobilises all its reservists for the first time in 40 years
NATO Readiness Initiative and NATO-EU cooperation – Stoltenberg
A military Schengen – troops from any EU state can move to another…
What is the NATO S&TO…? Increasing militarisation of the west for what…?
33:08 – Book recommendation: Alice and the Money Tree by JM Weston Briggs
34:10 – More external government assistance: City Group banker recently appointed
New ‘free trade’ deals to replace TTIP and TPP…?
36:10 – NHS: ongoing privatisation by stealth…more ‘third party’ providers engaged
Gary Streeter MP: privatisation of the NHS is a ‘conspiracy theory’…
The public need to understand disruptors
41:23 – Investigatory Powers Act: a new statutory instrument comes into force
Surveillance of the public has been going on illegally for years
43:48 – 100 year-old lady dies after street bobbies on the beat
45:05 – Police happy to appear when homes are being taken fraudulently