UK Column News - 7th June 2016

START	D-Notice as British Military personnel are told to vote Remain
3:00	Armed Forces of the EU : & rapid transnational disintegration
7:40	BBC disseminates propaganda lies in #EUReferendumPsyOp
10:20	the role of Boris Johnson as a foil to dominate the Brexit camp
15:30	NATO expansionism & Western ambitions to dismantle Russia
19:00	Lithuanian ‘Iron Wolf Brigade’ reminiscent of WWII Operation
21:20	Michael Fallon spins idiotic self-aggrandising lies of wild fantasy
25:10	reduction of British Forces to a level suitable for E.U. vassalage
33:00	Military fitness exams to be rewritten to destabalise UK Army
40:50	Special Forces fighting inside Syria alongside Al Qaeda rebels
43:40	terrorist “Moderate Opposition” fighters siege Syrian civilians
45:50	United States asks Russia to stop its offensive against Al Qaeda